Unfortunately, we are not currently registering new volunteers due to COVID-19. Volunteer visits are most likely suspended until June 2021. We are sorry for these circumstances, and hope you keep Therapy Pets Unlimited in your future plans!

Volunteers must comply with our requirements below:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Only other volunteers may accompany you on visits.
  • Pets must be at least one year old.
  • You must own your pet for at least six months.
  • Pet must be potty/litter trained.

Important! Please do not apply until the requirements above are met.

Attention! We do NOT verify hours for court mandated community service, as TPU staff members do not accompany volunteers on visits and therefore can not verify that the hours were actually worked.


  • Background check cost ($17.95 - Other fees may apply)
  • Pet membership fee ($40) for one volunteer team (one pet and their owner) which covers a pet tag, volunteer ID card, and insurance
    • $5 for each additional pet on a volunteer team
    • $40 for each additional owner on a volunteer team
    • $20 annual membership fee
  • While we prefer that Pet Evaluators do not charge the applicants an evaluation fee, they are permitted to charge as much as $10 to cover any expenses. This evaluation fee does not go to TPU and is separate from the TPU membership fee.

Please Consider...

A therapy pet is born, not made. A pet can be taught proper behavior, but a pet's inherent temperament cannot be changed. When a pet is put under stress, a poor or marginal temperament will surface.

A therapy pet must have a rock-solid temperament. This means that the pet should be outgoing and friendly to everyone: men, women, and children. A dog should be friendly toward other dogs (of both genders) and non-aggressive toward other pets. Cats and other species don't necessarily need to be dog friendly, but must not react strongly when in the vicinity of a dog. Before you consider having your pet evaluated, ask yourself if your pet has these qualities. All volunteer teams (owner and pet) will go through an evaluation before registering as a therapy team. This vital safeguard protects the team as much as it protects others. If you know in your heart that your pet is not suited for therapy work, don't let the fact that this is something you've always wanted to do dictate your actions. Pay attention to what your instincts about your pet are telling you.

Important Information Regarding Visits

Attention! Volunteers may not visit at their place of employment or residence. It would cause a conflict with insurance.

TPU volunteers may only visit facilities that have registered with TPU. Once requirements are met and
you are an "official" volunteer, you may request to be assigned to a facility that has registered with us.

While we will do our best to accommodate and assign you to your first choice, we can't promise that.
We reserve the right to assign where there's the most need.


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