TPU Board of Directors

Jean Severe, President

Jean has been President at Therapy Pets Unlimited since the beginning and is a co-founder of the organization. She has been a therapy pet volunteer since March 2008. Jean and her dog Luna have clocked nearly a thousand volunteer hours and are recipients of three Presidential Awards for Volunteerism. Mrs. Severe worked in the Senior Health Care Industry and in Hospitality for over twenty years; thirteen of which with a non-profit organization. Jean's background is in Marketing and Admissions for three different facilities. She was responsible for generating their entire revenue stream through admissions. For the non-profit, Mrs. Severe has developed and produced dozens of promotional events and fundraisers during her career. She has created and worked with budgets and made quarterly reports to the Board of Directors. Jean believes that everyone who is able, should seek an avenue where they can "give back" to their Community.

TPU Staff

Tina Chase, Executive Director -

My name is Tina Chase. I am married with one son. I live in Comstock Park, Michigan. I work as a rural carrier for the United States Postal Service, own a boarding kennel: Chase's Corner kennel, volunteer with TPU as a visiting volunteer, pet evaluator, and on the facility committee. I own twelve dogs. Ten Chinese Shar Pei and two German Wirehaired Pointers. Five of my dogs are therapy dogs with TPU. Pet therapy is my passion. I have been active in pet therapy for 10 years. My goal is to have pets visiting every facility in the United States. Especially our facilities for veterans. I volunteer 2-3 hours a week with my fur kids. Chinese Shar Pei - JuJu, Cookie, Vivian, and Libby. German Wirehaired Pointer - Zucker. I have graduated from Animal Behavior College. I am an AKC CGC evaluator. I teach puppy socialization/confidence building classes, Therapy, Rally, and beginner Agility. I compete AKC conformation and many performance events, including hunting and weight pulling. With all my dogs. I have a dream to one day run the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska.