About Us

Therapy pets are incredibly important to thousands of people around the world, but how much do we really know about them?

Hi, I’m Anna Granger and I have had my therapy dog, Bunny, for three years now. I have had a severe case of anxiety since my teenage years, so much so that I wasn’t leaving my house. I remained indoors for almost an entire year before my parents encouraged me to seek professional advice.

The result of that was Bunny - a 5 year old labrador who follows me around everywhere and is trained to detect when I’m about to have an anxiety attack. Through our three years together, Bunny can even sense when I’m feeling just a little bit anxious and work to calm me down. 

Therapy animals don’t just come in the form of dogs though - you can have therapy cats, rabbits, horses, and even llamas! Some even wonder if snakes and rodents can be therapy animals as well. 

An emotional support animal is the single best thing that has happened to my mental health, and I know of countless people who feel the same as I do. So, I have created this site in the hopes of helping others get their own therapy animal.

I also want to help you look after your animal in the proper way, and train them to support you as best they can. Please enjoy my site, and good luck with your very own emotional support animal!