Best Companion Dogs

It is never surprising that when it comes to a support animal, whether emotionally or physically, a dog comes to mind.

Best Companion Dogs

This is because they can be trained due to their individual skills, but also because canines are known to put people at ease.

In fact, the U.S. Service Animals recognize dogs as being used for companionship, and state that they are trained to provide constant help to enrich and fulfill their owner’s life. 

Having said that, a companion dog is different from a support animal.

This is because a support animal is fully trained to deal with alerting emergency services for help if their owner’s can not do it themselves, or to perform daily tasks for them.

A companion dog helps in a different way, quite like an emotional support animal.

They provide the reassurance that their owner needs, providing affection and reducing the impact of loneliness a person might feel.

Whilst they do share traits with ESA and therapy animals, according to the law, they are different.

All this means is they do not have the same legal access to certain buildings and the like, as a dog who is recognized under law. 

A companion dog is great for those who need some extra help if their mental health is suffering.

They can provide reassurance to those who have anxiety, or if a person is suffering with PTSD. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best breeds that make great companion dogs.

Remember to look at adopting a dog if possible, but if you are worried about their temperament, then opting for a licensed breeder might be best for you.

So, let’s get to it!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Companion Dogs

If you are looking for a dog which is low maintenance, then the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the one for you.

They can change their own routine to fit that of their owner’s, making them a highly adaptable dog to have around.

Also, they are great with meeting strangers, and can be very sociable. They are small dogs too, and provide so much joy. 

English Springer Spaniel

Best Companion Dogs

A medium sized dog, the English Springer Spaniel is a breed that is bred with hunting in mind, so this means that they are extra obedient and like to work alongside humans closely.

If you want to get outside and enjoy some exercise, this breed loves to go on long walks, so you’re in luck!


Best Companion Dogs

Whilst perhaps not ideal for somebody who wants to train their dog, a chihuahua is very loyal to their owner, though don’t expect them to feel the same towards anybody else!

They have a rather cheerful demeanor, though have been known to be a little demanding.

However, they are small enough to take around with you, and is a perfect small dog for those who would like to have their dog by their side all day. 

American Eskimo Dog

Best Companion Dogs

Also known as Eskies, they are not only adorably cute and fluffy, but they are also very outgoing and smart.

Having been descended from the German Spitzes, like all dogs from that family, they are very easy to train and love to be around people.

Whilst they do really like human interaction, if left alone for a long time, they can become quite destructive, so you will want to make sure you have a lot of time available for them. 

This makes them great for those who are looking for a dog to be with them the majority of the time. 

Golden Retriever

Best Companion Dogs

The Golden Retriever is the go-to breed as a therapy or service dog.

They are extremely affectionate and gentle, and they are very obedient too, meaning they enjoy taking commands and like to spend time with people.

They work well alongside other pets as well, and are really good at dealing with strangers. Basically, they are ideal as a companion compared to any other breed.

Australian Kelpie

Best Companion Dogs

The Australian Kelpie likes to work, and happily does a repetitive job due to them being smart, as well as easy to train.

They are very loyal and love to please their owners too. 

They are much better suited to those who are active, and will be eager to stay with you as they do really well alongside humans.

This makes them a wonderful companion to have by your side. 

Icelandic Sheepdog

Best Companion Dogs

A breed which loves to please, the Icelandic Sheepdog loves to spend time with people, and likes to be rather playful too. 

They do require a lot of activity, both mentally and physically, so is a good breed for those who want to spend a lot of time with their dog without becoming too tired!

Japanese Spitz

Best Companion Dogs

Another fluffy dog! The Japanese Spitz looks a little like the Eskies, though they are bigger. They are very playful and fun, and can easily follow commands. 

Their wonderful coat will allow for lots of soothing cuddles too. 

Final Thoughts On Companion Dogs

Animals can play a big part in helping to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help those who are suffering with PTSD.

Not only do they provide a presence to combat loneliness, but they also provide affection, and give a person something to look after and focus on.

Also, there is no doubt that going on walks with your dog will get you out into the fresh air, as well as make sure you are getting exercise each day.

This can only be a good thing if you are suffering from something like depression. 

If you are looking to bring a dog home, then hopefully the above list has helped.

And just like we stated before, always look at adopting a dog first. They need a new home, and maybe you could provide it?

However, if you are worried about their temperament (some of them will have been mistreated in the past), then looking for a licensed breeder may be better for you.
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