Best Service Dog Vest

Service dogs are crucial to our society, being used in a wide range of circumstances to ensure the safety of the general public.

Thanks to their loyal nature, service dogs are trained to carry out tasks and offer comfort to those with disabilities. They are also used by the armed forces and police to maintain law and order and protect the public.

Best Service Dog Vest

For service dogs to stay safe and assist their handler to the best of their ability they need a reliable service vest. However, finding the best one can be difficult. 

You need to find a vest that is strong, comfortable, durable, safe, and visible. With so many harnesses offering those things, finding the best vest can be tricky. That’s where we come in!

We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best service vests on the market. We’ve compiled a list of the vests we found in this article, looking at everything they offer and any pros and cons.

Take a look at our list to learn more about each vest!

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness

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First up, we have the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness. If you’re looking for a durable, strong, reliable, and visible vest, consider this option to be the ultimate choice. 

Aside from being made from military standard materials to offer unparalleled strength, this vest has a number of key features that help to ensure the safety and comfort of your service dog. 

Arguably the best feature the harness has is its removable patches (sold separately). These removable patches have a message down the side to let others know your dog’s role. 

In terms of comfort for you and your dog, the quality of the garment and the top-mounted handle are padded and soft. The top-mounted handle also offers the handler immediate control of their dog in emergencies. 

This service vest is also capable of holding Industrial Puppy’s backpacks, which are sold separately. This lets those with disabilities carry more groceries, food, and medication with them without having to struggle.

When we reviewed this service vest, we were pleased with the variety of bright colors on offer. Available in red, pink, and light blue, the dog will be clearly visible. 


  • Durable – This service vest is made out of military standard materials.
  • Highly visible – The general public will see your dog coming.
  • Affordable – The Industrial Puppy vest is available at a great price.


  • Not suited to small dogs – Reviewers have noted that the vest doesn’t quite fit smaller dogs.

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Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness

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The Doggie Stylz harness is another great option if you need a reliable service vest that comes with storage capabilities. 

Available in three different colors, this harness comes with two saddlebags, perfect for storing any medication or essential belongings. This time, you’ll be pleased to hear that these saddlebags come included with your purchase. 

Thanks to the harness’s versatile design and the solid nylon materials used to make it, this service vest can easily be used by therapy dogs, medical alert dogs, service dogs, and law enforcement dogs. 

The Doggie Stylz vest also has the added benefit of coming with removable velcro panels. These panels display the role your dog plays and advises the public not to pet your dog. 

In terms of usability, despite being quite robust, the vest is fairly lightweight to hold and provides the dog with plenty of comfort. Equipped with quick-release features and a sturdy handle, controlling your dog is also easy. 

When we took a closer look at the Doggie Stylz service dog harness, we were most impressed with its adjustability. Thanks to the adjustable straps, the harness can be effortlessly adjusted to fit any dog. 


  • Adjustable – This vest can be easily adjusted to fit any dog.
  • Neoprene underside – The neoprene underside will keep your dog extra warm and comfortable.
  • Saddlebags included – This service vest comes with two detachable saddlebags.


  • Low-quality velcro – The velcro lettering on this harness is prone to falling off.

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Dexil Limited Service Dog Do Not Disturb Vest

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Next up, we have the do not disturb service dog vest from Dexil Limited. This vest is perfect for anyone looking for a super simple yet effective vest that doesn’t break the bank. 

The main objective of this vest is to let the public know your dog is a working service dog. It is hoped that this then prevents people from disturbing your dog as they help you go about your day-to-day. 

This vest comes in a range of different colors, all of which are designed to make the dog stand out. The vest is also available with different messaging depending on what message the handler wants to display.

The most popular of these messages is ‘Service Dog’.

To ensure the lettering is clearly visible, the lettering is displayed in three locations.

When it comes to finding the right fit for your dog, Dexil Limited has done a great job. They have made the harness available in four different sizes, ranging from extra small all the way to large. 

We loved the well-thought-out design features the harness also comes with. These include a second D-ring towards the front of the vest that gives the handler more control.


  • Highly visible – This vest is designed to stand out.
  • Lightweight – Your dog will feel comfortable, especially in hot conditions.
  • Clearly marked – The lettering on the Dexil Limited harness can be seen in three places.


  • No saddlebags – If you need storage, this vest isn’t for you.

Also available at:

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Dihapet Service Dog Vest

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Available in 11 different styles and colors, the service dog vest from Dihapet is up there with the very best when it comes to dog vests that look great and perform even better. It is also a great option for dogs in training. 

If you want a reliable vest but don’t want to compromise on style, this vest is for you and your service dog.

Featuring a plastic buckle, metal D ring, Airmesh padding, and a comfortable Oxford design, this vest allows you to make it clear that your dog is in training without sacrificing their comfort and style. 

With a much appreciated no pull, no choke design, the words service dog are displayed on each side of the vest. This makes it super clear that your dog is working. 

As if the message wasn’t already clear enough, the vest comes with a replaceable ID patch. This also displays ‘Service Dog’ or ‘In Training’ to make it clear to people passing by. 

When we used this service vest, we were impressed with a number of features. The rubberized handle offers more control and a softer grip, the breathable mesh keeps the dog cool, and the designs look sleek and stylish.


  • Stylish – There are 11 awesome styles to choose from.
  • Durable – Dihapet’s vest has been made to last.
  • Comfortable – Your service dog will stay cool and comfortable all day long.


  • Not great for small dogs – The patches on this vest are quite hard to see on smaller dogs.

Also available at:

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Doggie Stylz Service Dog In Training Vest

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The final service dog vest on our list is another brilliant option from Doggie Stylz. This time, we have a service dog vest that suits dogs in training. 

This large, clear, and very colorful vest will see your service pup through all of their training, whilst providing them with plenty of comfort.

The upper part of the vest is made out of durable nylon, which keeps your dog comfortable and cool during long summer days. The underside of the vest is also made out of breathable neoprene, again ensuring your dog stays cool. 

When it comes to the handler, this vest has many benefits. The most important of these is the large lettering down each side of the vest. Displaying the words ‘In Training’, everyone should leave your dog alone. 

There are also no issues when it comes to putting the vest on. The vest has a reflective, easy-release snap buckle. The straps are also adjustable, making it much easier for you to fit the vest to your dog. 

When reviewing this vest, our favorite aspects were the extra tough handle and the easy-to-use D-ring. Both of these features make it much easier to control the dog. 


  • Well made – This Doggie Stylz vest is made out of only the best materials.
  • Comfortable – Your dog will stay cool and comfortable at all times.
  • Double-stitched – This vest has been double-stitched to offer more durability. 


  • No storage – This vest doesn’t have any storage capabilities.

Also available at:

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Buyer’s Guide

Now you know what options you have available, it’s time to start thinking about which service dog vest you want to buy. To do this, you need to take a number of key factors into consideration.

Unfortunately, things aren’t as simple as looking at the first vest and hoping for the best.

To help out, we’ve put together this short buyer’s guide. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find the most important things you need to think about. 

By taking the points we make about each factor into account, you should be able to make a much better final decision and one you don’t later regret. 


Comfort is arguably the most important thing to think about when buying a service dog vest for your dog.

While it is crucial for people to see the lettering on the vest, ultimately, your dog’s safety and comfort are paramount. Your dog could wear the vest all day, so the last thing you want is for the dog to feel discomfort.

To ensure the vest you buy is comfortable for your service dog, look for a vest that has adjustability features, padding, and a soft fabric design.

It is also worth looking out for a vest that has a neoprene underside as this material is breathable, which will keep the dog cool.



The main purpose of a service dog vest is to inform other people that your dog is a working dog. This then prevents people from coming up to your dog to give him/her a stroke.

This is important because it reduces the risk of your dog being distracted when it’s helping you. 

With this in mind, you should do everything you can to buy a vest that is clearly visible at all times. To do so, look for a vest that is brightly colored, large, and has clear labeling. 

When it comes to clear labeling, the vests should have large lettering in more than one location. 


It may seem fairly obvious but when you have so much to think about it isn’t difficult to forget about sizing when looking for a service dog vest.

Tying in with comfort, you have to find a vest that will fit your dog perfectly. A vest that doesn’t fit can easily fall off, potentially injuring your dog.

The best way to find a vest that fits your dog is to carefully read product descriptions and customer reviews. You should also look for a vest that has adjustability features as this makes it much easier to fit the vest to your dog.

Most of the vests on our list have adjustability features so it might be a good idea to start by looking at those ones first.


The service dog vest you choose should be able to easily stand up to the pressure of everyday wear and tear. If it doesn’t, you’ll find it quickly deteriorating and breaking.

This will lead to you having to buy another vest, wasting money unnecessarily.

The most durable service dog vests are made out of strong, double-stitched materials like nylon. Nylon isn’t only strong and durable, but it’s also waterproof which will help the vest last even longer. 

Vests with rubberized handles are usually pretty reliable too as this type of handle can stand up to the pressures of controlling a dog. 


Finally, you’re also going to have to have a good think about how much money you’re willing to spend on a dog vest.

It makes little sense to rush into a decision and spend more money on a vest than necessary, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

Instead, you should take some time to evaluate how much money you have to spend and what that money can buy you.

By doing this, you can avoid overspending and save time by heading straight to the service dog vests that fit your budget. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Any Dog Wear A Service Dog Vest?

Yes, any dog can wear a service dog vest. However, that doesn’t mean they should. Almost every service dog has gone through special training that has taught them how to fulfill specific roles. 

Dogs that haven’t had training can’t be 100% trusted, so they shouldn’t wear a vest that has any lettering relating to service dogs. Only when your dog is in training or has finished training should it wear one. 

Which Service Dog Vest Is The Best?

In our opinion, the Dexil Limited service dog vest is the best. We believe this because it is super simple and affordable, yet extremely effective.

Thanks to its clear lettering and vibrant design, the general public can easily see a service dog coming, knowing to leave the dog alone or make space for its handler.

Can Service Dogs In-Training Go Anywhere?

No, following the rules set by ADA, service dogs in training must complete their training before being used as service dogs in public places Having said that, if the dog is well behaved, the chances are most places will welcome them. 

Final Thoughts

That concludes our article looking at the best service dog vests on the market. Service dogs require a reliable, durable, and extremely visible vest in order to keep them and their handler safe.

Without a vest, your service dog might be distracted by the general public wanting to give him/her a stroke.

While it can be hard to find the best vest on the market due to the extensive list of options we have available, in this article, we have provided you with five of the best options out there.

We’ve then shown you what each option offers, where you can buy them, and any pros and cons you should be aware of.

Each option may differ slightly in terms of design, but they all ensure your service dog stays comfortable and carries out its role to the best of its ability.

All you need to do now is narrow down the options on our list until you feel confident enough to make a final decision. Using our buyer’s guide to help you should make the decision process much easier. 

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