Best Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional support animals (ESA) provide care, support, attention, and affection to those who need it most.

Best Emotional Support Dogs

Whether it be an individual suffering from anxiety or depression, or someone struggling to cope with their learning difficulties, an ESA can offer the companionship that person needs.

While there is a long list of animals that make great emotional support animals, the most common is the dog.

Capable of understanding and communicating with humans better than any other animal in the animal kingdom, dogs are naturally loving, caring, attentive, and of course adorable. It is these qualities that make them the best ESAs.

However, some dogs are better than others. Therefore, we thought it to be a good idea to show you the best.

In this post, you’ll find a list of the best emotional support dogs and exactly what makes them the best support animals. If you want to learn more, make sure you keep reading!


Best Emotional Support Dogs

Seen as it’s one of the most popular dogs in the world, it isn’t a surprise to see the Labrador on this list.

This lovable breed of dog has many qualities that make it an excellent emotional support animal.

With a laid-back, happy temperament and loyal nature, those struggling with various mental and emotional issues can rely on their Labrador to stick by their side.

Also very easy to train, Labradors are naturally trustworthy, loving, dependable, and helpful. These traits all help their handler.

Of course, the Labrador is also super cuddly and fluffy, giving individuals a companion to cuddle in times of need.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Emotional Support Dogs

Next, we have the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed of dog was originally created to act as a companion to humans, so they naturally make a fantastic ESA.

With warm-hearted, well-mannered, social genetics running deep in their genes, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will happily snuggle up with their owner and give them all of their attention and love. A fair few face licks are also guaranteed.

Great family pets, this breed of dog can also be kept in households that have small children and other pets.

Yorkshire Terrier

Best Emotional Support Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers, otherwise known as Yorkies are one of the sweetest breeds of lap dogs you’ll find.

At their happiest when snuggled up or playing with their owner, it isn’t just the Yorkshire Terriers’ caring and loving demeanor that makes them one of the best emotional support dogs.

Instead, it is their size that also makes them a great option. Thanks to their small size, Yorkshire Terriers don’t need too much space or a huge amount of exercise to stay healthy.

This is great for those that need support but only live in small apartments.

This along with their love for physical contact makes them a great ESA.

The Great Pyrenees

Best Emotional Support Dogs

While the Great Pyrenees may not seem like an obvious choice, they massively help individuals who get relief from repetitive hair brushing. The Great Pyrenees has beautiful fur that requires regular grooming.

This helps individuals who find brushing hair relaxing a lot, helping to calm the individual down and reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Great Pyrenees is also incredibly mellow, calm, and fairly inactive, suiting people who enjoy leisurely strolls more.


Best Emotional Support Dogs

Corgis are one of the best emotional support dogs because they are happy, loyal, playful, easy to look after, and absolutely adorable.

Capable of bringing love, joy, and entertainment into anybody’s life, Corgis not only offer affection and comfort to their humans, but they also offer protection.

Corgis have a natural instinct to stay near their humans and protect them. This comes from their history of being working dogs that would help farmers with herding.

This breed of dog is also only small, allowing individuals with smaller properties to still have a companion.

Golden Retriever

Best Emotional Support Dogs

The best quality Golden Retrievers have is their loyalty. Doing all they can for their humans, the Golden Retriever will try its best to curl up on your lap despite its larger size.

Attentive, obedient, and incredibly loving, this breed of dog is more than capable of forming long-lasting bonds with humans.

Combine this with their happy-go-lucky attitude and unbridled enthusiasm and you’re left with an ESA that will do everything it can to help.

Always excited to see you, Golden Retrievers also help people slip into a routine of feeding, grooming and walking.


Best Emotional Support Dogs

The Havanese can be your super soft, furry companion that gives you all the support you need.

With a calm temperament, courteous behavior, and the ability to get along with other pets and humans, the Havanese is a brilliant emotional support dog for those who travel regularly or live with family.

Helping to take the focus off their owner in busy scenarios, the Havanese is only small.

This is helpful as owners don’t have to worry about taking their dog on a plane, or other modes of transport. The Havanese will easily fit in most small carriers.


Best Emotional Support Dogs

Next on our list is the pug. It takes just one look at the pug to understand why the breed makes such a good emotional support dog. Their adorable faces alone are enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

Aside from an adorable appearance, the pug is great with children. In fact, they are capable of identifying human moods. When they identify a negative mood, they then use their cheeky behavior and adorable features to make people feel better.


Best Emotional Support Dogs

Chihuahua may be one of the neediest breeds of dogs, but they are also one of the most loving.

Anyone looking for an ESA they can form an unbreakable bond with should definitely consider adopting a Chihuahua.

Super happy when curled up on their owner’s lap, your Chihuahua will give you love, affection, and dedication.

However, they aren’t too fond of children and other pets.


Best Emotional Support Dogs

Finally, we have the Beagle. Beagles are unbelievably cute, cuddly, and soft. They also have an extremely lovable, loyal nature that is required in any ESA.

Beagles also offer the best of both worlds when it comes to offering versatility. When you want to sit back and relax, so will your Beagle. When you want to be more active, so will your Beagle.

This is great because these behaviors help the Beagle suit the individual’s needs better.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have shown you the best emotional support dogs, looking at what makes them such good ESAs and why so many people choose them.

While they differ in terms of behaviors, size, appearance, and needs, all of the dogs on our list help those struggling with emotional problems, mental health issues, and learning difficulties combat their symptoms.

You should now know a lot more about emotional support dogs, and maybe even know the type of emotional support dog you need.

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