Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

There are many different things a dog can eat, but none more iconic than the image of a dog sitting and chewing on a bone.

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

Although there are a number of types of bone out there that are safe for your dog, not all of them are suitable. Can dogs eat deer bones (see also ‘Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Rice Krispies?‘) (see also ‘Can Your Dog Eat Tilapia?‘)?

The answer is yes, but there are quite a few things to consider to make sure your pooch isn’t in any danger.

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How To Serve Deer Bones To Your Dog

The best way to give your dog a deer bone is to serve it to them raw. This is because cooked bones can have potential problems that could be dangerous or even life-threatening to your canine companion.

Make sure to supervise your dog when feeding them bones – you don’t want them to choke on a large, broken off piece.

There are alternatives to giving your dog a raw deer bone. You can get marrow bones or air-dried bones from many pet stores, which act as a nice replacement.

You can also boil a deer bone into broth and add it to your dog’s food for extra nutrients without any of the risk.

As deer bones are high in calcium, it is important to make sure you don’t overfeed your dog. If your dog’s diet already contains plenty of the mineral, only give them bones sparingly or as a special treat.

Once your dog is done, make sure to dispose of whatever is left of the bone. This prevents the dog from injuring itself with it outside your supervision, and is all around more hygienic.

To summarize:

  • Serve deer bones to your dog raw
  • Supervise them the entire time
  • Deer bones are high in calcium, so don’t overfeed your dog!
  • Make sure to dispose of it when your dog is finished

Benefits Of Deer Bones

Dogs like to chew, as many attest to, and deer bones are a great way to make sure they chew only on what they’re supposed to. With high durability, these bones will keep your dog busy for a long time.

On top of that, deer bones are a natural source of nutrients that are very high in calcium. If your dog isn’t already meeting its calcium requirements, this is a great way to supplement that.

There are other nutrients as well in deer bones that can greatly help your dog’s immune system, aiding in fending off nasty illnesses.

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

By giving your dog deer bones, the act of chewing on them will help clean their teeth and gums. This will keep your dog’s mouth healthier for longer, and prevent at least a few trips to the dentist.

Finally, deer bones are an alternative source of protein for any dogs that may happen to be allergic to more common sources.

It is advised to make sure your dog has no ill effects from deer bones before letting them have a go at an entire one.

So, the benefits of deer bones for your dog are:

  • A high durability chew for them to enjoy
  • An excellent source of calcium
  • Helps clean teeth and gums for a healthier mouth and a happier dog
  • An alternative to common proteins for dogs who can’t have them

Potential Risks

Although eating deer bones comes with many great benefits, there are still a few risks to consider when giving them to your dog.

The most crucial issue to consider is not giving your dog cooked bones. Cooking deer bones makes them brittle. They become prone to splinters and breaking off into tiny, sharp pieces.

These splinters and jagged bits of deer bone can damage your dog’s mouth, stomach, and even teeth. Leaving your dog alone with a deer bone is also not recommended as this can lead to them choking.

If you don’t remove any remnants of the deer bone once the dog is done with it, many of the risks above may still occur without your notice.

Furthermore, this is unhygienic and can lead to the dog suffering illnesses.

Although there are many risks associated with the handling of deer bones, if you make sure to serve the deer bones to your dog correctly, they will be a great treat with no cause for concern.

When giving deer bones to your dog, watch out for:

  • Making sure the bones are raw. Cooked bones are dangerous!
  • Supervise your dog while they eat the bone
  • Don’t leave the bones out at the end

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat deer bones? The answer is yes! They are a great choice of treat for your dog, and contain many healthy nutrients like calcium that benefit them in lots of ways.

Just keep an eye on your dog while they eat, and make sure not to feed them cooked deer bones, as this will not end well.

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